Our Story


Inspired by a family of strong and multi-faceted women, the siblings Rose and Ali founded ROOSALI in 2017 in London, UK with the desire to create a brand that is echoed by today's modern woman and can accompany her in the many roles of her life.

After giving up their respective careers, they turned their passion for design and jewelry into a lifelong project and honoring women their goal. Today we are proud to create pieces of jewelry that bring joy and shine to everyday life for women in over 112 countries - and the trend is rising. It's a dream come true!



How did we grow !  n the beginning we were only a few. Today ROOSALI is a growing family that works passionately and closely together to build a brand that we are super proud to be a part of.

From the design and image, to manufacturing and delivery, every team member at our headquarters is committed to delivering you the best experience possible. We laugh together, get creative and find ways to create jewelry that corresponds to our values ​​to share with you. Our goal is to inspire women who, in turn, inspire us every day with their stories, experiences and important topics and are too good not to share them.


Sincerly ,